On you Mark...Now Set... Wait??

Moving Forward in the Sport of Track & Field During and Post Containment.



Ready all...Row?!

Moving Forward in the Sport of Rowing During and Post Containment.


4:30 - Do you think that we will see a shift to small boat training?

6:48 - Do you think that we will see a change away from racing 8's in the upcoming season?

8:00 - Meghan, has your training situation away from your teammates changed your mindset and motivation?

9:55 - Will we see a shift toward tech-based racing? ie. RP3 virtual race.

11:55 - Heather, have you seen any shift in erging with the schools and programs GPRF deals with?

13:10 - Matt, has Hudson and the boat making business seen a change? Will we see more single sculls?

16:05 - Bryan, as a new coach at UPenn, how are you approaching your first season with this situation?

18:18 -Meghan, if this was your Senior year in High School/College, what would you do?

21:22 - How can a student-athlete stand out if racing was canceled this year?

26:00 - Will college coaches look at video from high school sophomores/juniors who are looking to be recruited?

29:00 Heather, what is GPRF doing to help athletes continue rowing?

31:45 - How do clubs stay operational? Will that affect standard practice?

33:55 - Do you see new/different health regulations installed at boathouses in the future?

37:55 - Will there be any consequences to women's rowing if "money-making" sports aren't allowed on campus in the fall?

39:05 - Matt, will racing in the fall look different based on boat demand?

42:35 - Meghan, how is the Olympic delay affecting your training? are you taking time off?

48:08 - As a new coach, what suggestions would you give to keep my team interested and motivated?

54:15 - As a parent, how do you step in as a coach to help your child stay motivated at home?

57: Do you remember your intro to rowing?

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