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  • What is TAGALONG?

    • We are a platform designed to connect you, an Athletically minded and goal-oriented person, with a Professional Athlete. Whether in your area for a one on one workout where you are literally tagging along with a Pro’s workout or custom made workout design to help you with your own training, our Pro’s are trained and focused on providing you with the best workout. Training plans and consults are available as well. 

  • How do I get started?

    • Download the app on the iOS Store (TagALong Pro). Enter in your details so we can help pair you with a Pro in your area or who frequents your area. Then make an offer to a Pro that includes detailed specifics as to what type of training or workout you are looking for. Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help design the perfect offer to a Pro from you.

  • What is the right amount to offer a Pro?

    • Our Pro’s are current and former National Team members, World Champions and Olympians. Their knowledge and expertise are second to none. In order for their time to be compensated, we suggest a starting session around $75. 

  • Do you provide a discount for multiple sessions?

    • TagALong Pro’s can train in person, create training plans or jump on a phone call in order to provide info and advice for your training needs. Any discounted rate can be negotiated with the Pro.

  • How do I communicate with a Pro?

    • Currently, we are building a messaging component within the app that becomes available once an offer is made through the app to the Pro. Messaging with the Pro is available until the end of the day that the session is booked for. 

  • What if I need to cancel?

    • Any cancellation before the intended session will be 100% refunded. In order for our Pro’s to prepare and schedule, we ask for 12 hours' notice in advance. If no notice is given within 12 hours, 50% will be refunded. 

  • What if I can’t keep up with the Pro?

    • The Pro understands TagALongs’ mission. They want to make sure the workout is what you want. Be open and clear with your current fitness level and goals in order for the Pro to have the best gauge on your fitness and how to cater the workout for you. 

  • How will I know where to meet or what we are doing?

    • The messaging component within the app serves as the main communication tool between the Pros and the Athletes/Users. There is also a confirmation email that shows Who, Where, When and What the details of the workout are. If there are any issues or lack of response, please contact and we will do our best to get you the answers you need. 

  • What if there isn’t a Pro in my area?

    • We are constantly adding new Pro’s to our platform and our Pro’s are able to update their location at their discretion. We will also send an update to all users when we have a new Pro in your area. 

  • What if I already have a coach or train with a group?

    • We understand that training in a group environment or having guidance through your training is important. TagALong is an additional service for people looking to ramp their training up with some of the best athletes in the world. The Pro’s are excited to give their knowledge and expertise to people, athletes, and fans.