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Our Story

A Professional Athlete's life is not as glamorous as it appears. During Nick Karwoski's Olympic campaign, he found it difficult to financially support himself while training full-time. He decided to bring his knowledge and expertise to amateur athletes who needed it. If he could do it then others could too...


We present to you: TAGALONG

A platform where anyone can not only train like a Pro,

they can train WITH one.


Nick Karwoski

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Nick was 9th ranked US Triathlete in 2016 coming up short for Rio. He founded TAGALONG in order to bridge the gap between professional athletes and how they can capitalize on their knowledge and experience while connecting with fans and amateurs in real life.

Luis Oda

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Luis is an avid runner, surfer and outdoors enthusiast. Prior to TAGALONG, Luis worked with NBCU's Content Distribution Team for 6 years where he focused on sports consumption from a mass consumer standpoint as one of the largest drivers in his content portfolio. 

Luis and Nick met at the NBC page program and connected later to start the TAGALONG business.

Scott Del Vecchio

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Scott was an elite rower and part of the U.S. Rowing National Selection group until he retired in 2019. He brings to TAGALONG a high-performance training experience as well as a B.Sc. & M.Sc. in Sports Science.